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Monday, 3 September 2012

Week 5 Weigh In

This week isn’t a good week. I have put on 4lb.. i knew i would eventually but at least i know why.. I can’t poo!! I’m drinking  water by the gallon, eating fruit and veg by the garden full but still i can’t go. I had a laxative the other night as the pain i have is awful but it didnt work.. I’ve been to see my GP   and was informed i need to drink more water and eat more fresh fruit and veg!!  Blimey any more and i swear i’ll explode..
I wonder if anyone else has the old “Can’t go the the loo” problem? be great to hear i’m not alone in this


  1. Haha, sorry but this is kind of a funny post.

    I usually have the opposite problem. You might try eating some greasy food in addition to the heavy fiber.

    I have had some weeks like yours though and sure enough it does show up on the scale. I wonder why I'm not losing weight and then one fine morning the "weight" gets eliminated! lol

  2. speaking from a nurse and tried and tested method try works! lol x

  3. Bert.. I am jealous.. sooooooooo jealous.. and happy i made you smile..

    Nikki... i was actually at the hospital for another matter and mentioned my problem.. i was issued with a bottle of lactolose.. tastes fowl and as yet no "movement" Have no fear guys, as soon as things start to move, you'll know about it hahaha xx

  4. try reducing your grape intake.