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Monday, 10 September 2012

Week 6… Weigh In

Quite pleased this week after last weeks weight gain.. I have managed to lose 3lb this week. I had no grapes all week ( Thanks Frankie) but had a hospital appointment and mentioned my lack of “going” i was given some lactulose which is absolutely vile, i had to take it day and night but it didnt work either..
By the end of the week i was so desperate and in so much pain i decided that i needed some comfort food so went to the local chippy and bought fish and chips.. I savoured every single mouthful and the following day I WENT!!!  
Could my problem be  that i am been “too good”? I stick to the correct syns, i eat plenty of fruit and veg and also drink plenty of water too.. Seems my body needed grease to help me on my way…

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